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@franklin.habit’s unforgettable presentation, Ripping...

@franklin.habit’s unforgettable presentation, Ripping Yarns, is coming to #STITCHESUnited at the beautiful @cobbgalleria and you do not want to miss it. The link is in our bio!⠀

What would the village wise woman advise you to do when you can’t find your good scissors? What fate does it portend if you tangle silk and wool yarns in the same knitting bag? Is there a core of sinister truth to the schoolyard rhyme about Little Mary’s Scary Cardigan? ⠀

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions—or if they ring a dim bell in the dusty corners of your memory—you’ll want to attend Franklin’s newest lecture, created especially for STITCHES Events. ⠀

We’ll delve into age-old superstitions about hooks and needles. We’ll listen to cautionary legends of weavers, spinners, and other needle workers who tapped into forces beyond their control. And we’ll dare to enter the darker side of knitting and crochet and hunt for the hidden end of the mysterious center-pull ball. ⠀

Thrilling and hilarious, “Ripping Yarns” will make you change the way you think about your favorite pastime. ⠀

Don’t miss it—Just be sure to wear your lucky stitch marker.

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